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Applying, Scheduling, and Rescheduling

What is the cost of the USMLE exams? Information about the cost of the exams is available on the websites.

        Check the appointment

change fee schedule

       to get more details.

Preparing for USMLE

test materials

       are also available.

Where can I obtain a copy of the USMLE Bulletin of Information? The USMLE Bulletin you can find it at

Updating information

    Any changes forms and documents should be received and proceed not later than 7 business days before your test appointment.


    1. Is there a limit on the number of times Steps can be taken? You are ineligible to take a Step or Step Component in case you have done 6 or more attempts to pass this Step or Step Component, including the incomplete attempts.
    1. Do the Steps have to be taken at particular points during my medical education and career? Passing Step 1 & Step 2 is a must before you can be eligible to start the Step 3.
      Contact the ECFMG for more information in case you are a student or graduate from medical schools outside the United States and Canada.
        Please visit the

FSMB website

      for any more information on such requirements.

I am a graduate of a medical school outside the United States and Canada. How can I get information on what is required to enter graduate medical education and/or practice medicine in the United States?

    1.  The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) gives all required information. The ECFMG assesses the medical schools outside the United States and Canada to enter residency or fellowship programs in the United States. For more detailed information on these topics please refer to the ECFMG Information Booklet. All are available on the ECFMG website
    1. Attempts are acceptable, however taking the same exam should be no more than 3 times in a 12 month period. The 4th time must be at least 12 months from the first attempt, and at least 6 months after your most recent attempt at that exam.
  1. If you pass a Step or Step Component, you are not allowed to retake it.  there is some exception but with a very exceptional reason.

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