Step 2 CK OnlinePrep with Qbank

Kaplan USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes

5 volumes of Kaplan’s up-to-date lecture notes reinforce complex concepts with color illustrations, clinical triads, and high-yield Step 2 CK information in the following clinical disciplines.

  • Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry/Epidemiology/Ethics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Surgery

On-Demand Video Lectures

Designed to give students a comprehensive review for Step 2 CK and the Clinical Sciences our On-Demand program is a dynamic, flexible environment consisting of lecture, learning, assessment, and review. Lectures are organized by clinical topic and presented by our expert clinical faculty via an online, on-demand platform. The focus is on the exam-relevant material, in the following subjects:

Subjects covered and approximate number of hours:

  • Dermatology, Radiology/Imaging, Opthalmology                5 hours
  • Internal Medicine                                                                46 hours
  • Neurology                                                                           5 hours
  • Emergency Medicine                                                          5 hours
  • OB/GYN                                                                             28 hours
  • Pediatrics                                                                           15.5 hours
  • Psychiatry                                                                           8 hours
  • Epidemiology & Ethics                                                        9.5 hours
  • Surgery                                                                               15.5 hours
  • Test-Taking Strategies                                                         3.5 hours

Additional resources & features found within the OnlinePrep program include:

  • Short quizzes with detailed explanations follow many of the lectures to reinforce lecture content by encouraging active retrieval of information learned
  • 1 diagnostic test with detailed analysis for students to identify individual strengths/weaknesses
  • 5 specialty-based assessment tests (275 total questions)
  • 1 full length Step 2 CK simulated exam

Step 2 CK Qbank

Qbank, a robust practice tool, provides USMLE Step 2 CK exam-like questions, a diagnostic test and 1 full simulated exam: in total 2,000 questions. Qbank provides cumulative reporting with continuously updated onscreen performance feedback that graphically displays performance by specialty and subspecialty. This performance display helps students to isolate and focus on their weaker areas, ensuring an effective study program.

Qbank features:

  • Over 2,000 questions. Incudes1,200 revised questions, 1 diagnostic, and 1 full-length simulated exam.
  • 100% exam-like practice. Written by faculty, reviewed by high scorers.
  • Full Explanations. Detailed explanations and recap summaries for all questions.
  • Free Integrated App for iPhone® and Android™: Download blocks of questions to your mobile device and practice on the go.
  • Expert support: Need more help with questions? Email our academic team at
  • Until Your Test Access. By giving students a maximum of 12 months of access Kaplan helps ensure board prep does not interfere with students’ clinical coursework.

How students use Qbank:

  • 150-question online Diagnostic Test

Provides performance analysis and will direct their study by assessing individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • 1 Full-Length Online Simulated Exams

Acing Step 2 CK isn’t just about knowing the material. Step 2 CK is also a test of stamina and time management, our simulated exam helps build both whiles also helping students identify their individual strengths and weaknesses.

Step 2 CK Qbank

Our Step 2 CK Qbank is an online database of over 1,200 Step 2 CK questions. The Qbank can be customized along three dimensions: 1) timed exam conditions or tutorial style; 2) unused questions, previously incorrect, or all available questions; and 3) all USMLE topics or by specialty and subspecialty.

Step 2 CK Qbank provides a great experience for students in answering USMLE-style questions so they can be prepared for the actual exam. Students can use it as a study aid and/or practice tool and review specific specialties or create exam-simulated blocks.

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