Why You Should Obtain Medical Licensure in the US?

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) consists of three steps with four exams designed to assess a physician’s ability to apply a broad spectrum of knowledge,  concepts, and principles to evaluate the physician’s basic patient-centered skills.  Once the passing score for Step 1 or 2 CK is achieved, you cannot take the exam again for seven years if you wish to achieve a higher score.  Therefore,  it is very important to be prepared to achieve a high score the first time.

Why should you study for the USMLE?

High USMLE scores are critical to being competitive for US medical residency positions, with program directors typically accepting applicants who have scored competitively and on their first attempt.  The USMLE is also recognized by some hospital employees and licensing bodies in a variety of localities,  such as New Zealand; Ontario, Canada; Dubai; and Qatar.

Why you should obtain Medical Licensure in the US?

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